The way we were - Dave Swift

24 Nov 2015 in Heritage - The way we were

The way we were - Dave Swift The way we were - Dave Swift

Personalities from Ranger past look back and share their memories

Rangers playing away in Huddersfield on Leeds Road, Jake Ashworth and Barry King playing at half backs, squabbling about who should be six and who should be seven. 

The opposition run out, and they have a monster hippie playing open side so Jake volunteers to play six! Jake then proceeded to tackle the hippie by grabbing hold of his hair, the hippie squealed and complained to the referee, who spoke to Jake. Grabbing the oppositions hair in the tackle was not allowed, Jake argued back “He can grab my hair if he wants”.

‘ Thats still unfair,’ stated the referee,’ you have no hair.’

 Jake continued to argue “What do you want me to do have a handle fitted to the top of my head”?

The outcome was the hippie eventually got sent off for refusing to shake Jake’s hand. 


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