The way we were - Dave Cassells

24 Nov 2015 in Heritage - The way we were

The way we were - Dave Cassells The way we were - Dave Cassells

Personalities from Rangers past look back and share their memories

I first came across Rangers on a Wembley trip. Dougie Baker had nipped out for a loaf and got home three days later! 

I remember  my first coaches.  Jimmy Russell was a champion, we trained hard, played to our best and then went to the pub. He had a million stories  and was known to get up and give us a song.  Pete Goddard was my second coach.  We used to see who could last the night out drinking.  Both of these guys were what made the Rangers the best club ever, great players in their time, great coaches and great people. 

I remember playing in the Pennine League and going over to the Yorkshire teams like Underbank at Holmfirth and dodging the cow pats and then trying to stop at every pub on the Moors coming back.  

I remember the games against Mayfield when there was a guarantee of a fight and St Anne’s where it was always nice to win. 

I remember the Standard Cup and Good Friday, which will always bring back memories of playing and going round town after, particularly The Royal and later The Junction 

I was lucky enough to go over a couple of generations at the club and when we went into the Conference League we changed the type of club we were and came into the modern era.  Even so - I remember the trip over to the Isle of Man.  It was like a charity game the National Cup Winners (us) against the National League Champions (Leigh East).  It was sponsored by the Isle of Man Tourist Board – it was the one and only game they did, we didn’t get invited back again.  We won the game in true Saddleworth Rangers style.  They went to bed at 11:00pm and we stayed out having a good time until it was coming light and we still beat them – Jimmy Russell and Pete Goddard would have been proud of us. 


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