My Dad

24 Nov 2015 in Heritage

Julie Greenwood looks back at the life of her father & Ranger, Jimmy Stevenson

When I was a young girl aged about three, my dad, Jimmy Stevenson, always took me to Rangers where he was a player. He always took me to home and away games and he was the life and soul of the party. He was always a bit of a trickster and everyone had to be on their guard when dad was around. 

One day dad and a few of his mates decided to celebrate a particularly good win with a few drinks and when they bought their round, I was included by drinking shampoo with a cherry on top. The trouble was that it was Babycham and dad thought it was just like drinking fizzy pop. 

On the way home he bought me an ice cream, but I couldn’t hit my mouth with it and it was all over my face and in my hair. Dad thought it was very funny, but mum couldn’t see the joke. She went mad at him when she saw me, asking him what he had given me to drink and he replied that every time we had around she had a shampoo with a cherry on top. I was still allowed to go to Rangers, but there were no shampoos anymore! 

Dad was so pleased and proud when his grandsons James and Joseph started playing rugby. He went everywhere with them and couldn’t wait for them to get to the first team, but sadly he can only watch them from the sky now, but I know he will be proud to see them following in his footsteps.


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