Honours board set to return to clubhouse wall

29 Apr 2016 in News

Honours board set to return to clubhouse wall Honours board set to return to clubhouse wall

THE honours board which lists Saddleworth Rangers’ players who’ve represented their country at amateur level is to be updated and put back on the clubhouse wall.

It will remember players who’ve been selected over the decades and the aim is to unveil it at the last home game of the season on July 30th. It will then take pride of place when the new clubhouse opens next year.

A number of players have earned international recognition in the last 20 years but the old board hadn’t been updated since the mid-90s and it hasn’t been on the wall since the clubhouse was refurbished around ten years ago. The club now has a new board and what is thought to be an accurate record of the players who should be on it.

The list begins with Denis Pickering in 1950 and, by the time the board goes up, it will end with current player Josh Bradbury who will have toured Barbados next month with the U23s. 

It will cover the various ages from U18s upwards as well as the different representative teams, beginning in the pre-BARLA days right up to the modern RFL Community Lions teams. There will also be room for future additions.

Gary Dobbs, Steve Mawdsley, Jimmy Rogers and Jason Wilkes who all toured with BARLA GB

It’s the early years where there’s a concern someone might be forgotten. We’ve investigated it and found no official records exist so we need older members of the club who were around at the time to study the list and ensure everyone is included. There have been suggestions that we had some internationals before Denis and it’s important they’re on the board too if there were.

The previous board was just for amateur internationals but you may feel there’s a debate to be had about whether it should become an ‘international board’ more generally. 

It could include players who’ve become full internationals in the professional game after coming through our ranks such as Terry Fogerty, Nicky Kiss, Terry Flanagan and Barrie MacDermott among others. Or it might be that you think those players should be honoured on a separate board.

If you have a view on this, think someone is missing or believe a detail is incorrect, please speak to a committee member as soon as you can. Alternatively, you can email your thoughts or any information to saddleworthrangers@hotmail.co.uk or call the club on 01457 876077. 

The deadline for contributions is the beginning of June to ensure we have time to get the new board inscribed ready for the last home match. The Committee will then decide on the format and confirm the list.

Honours Board

1950 – Denis Pickering – Open Age

1963 – Jimmy  Russell – U19s

1965 – Pete Bamford – Open Age

1966 – Alan Taylor – Open Age

1973 – Peter Reeves – BARLA U19s

1977 – Nicky Kiss – BARLA U19s

1979 – Terry Flanagan – BARLA U19s

1981, 1982 – Mark Rowbottom – BARLA U19s

1982 – John Henderson – BARLA U19s

1982 – Steve Walsh - BARLA U19s

1984 – Brin Parfitt - BARLA U19s

1991 – 94 – Steve Mawdsley - BARLA Open Age

1991 – 94 – Neil  Wiseman – BARLA Physio

1992 – Martin Maders – BARLA U19s

1992 -93 – John Fleming – BARLA Open Age

1994 – Gary Dobbs – BARLA Open Age

1997, 1999 – Emmerson Jackman – BARLA Open Age

1997 – Danny Tyrell – BARLA U23s

1997 – Sean Whitehead – BARLA U23s

1997, 1998 – Paul Ashton – BARLA U18s, U21s, U23s

1997 – David Best – BARLA U18s

1998 – 2005 – Mick Swift – BARLA Coach

1998 – Kevin Fitzpatrick – BARLA U23s

1998 – Michael Coates – BARLA U23s

1999 – Jason Wilkes – BARLA Open Age

2000 - 2009 – Jimmy Rogers – BARLA U21s, U23s, Open Age

2002 - Chris Garforth - BARLA Open Age

2007– Jimmy Rogers – ‘BARLA International Player of the Year’

2007 – Adam Kirwan – BARLA U23s

2007 – Frazer Coley – RFL GB Community Lions

2008 – Danny Turner – BARLA U21s, U23s

2009, 10, 12 – Anthony Morrison – RFL GB Community Lions U18s, England Community Lions U18s, BARLA Open Age

2010 – Gareth Morgan – RFL GB Community Lions U18s

2011 – Shaun Robinson – U21s, RFL GB Community Lions


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