Referee respect

Saddleworth Rangers code of conducts Referee Respect policy


1 The referee him/her can be any age but is very often junior U18 years of age.


2 The referee will not be subject to verbal or physical abuse by anyone home or away, player or spectator or club volunteers.


3 Please be mindful that the referee also has a right to be safeguarded as much as anyone else.


4 If you wish to complain or report concerns please see the teams game day manager.


5 The game day manager has the right to approach ANY person whose behaviour is unacceptable.


6 Parents and coaches and responsible for ensuring children respect the referee and their decision.


7 Any player abusing a referee could be removed from the field of play and the referee will have the full backing of the head coach


8 No person Head coach, assistant coach, manager, player or spectator is exempt from these rules.


9 Referees can provide match reports regarding behaviour submitted to the club and leagues. Please follow the clubs code of conducts and remember we are all human.




Updated November 2021